Ringle Tingle Tiger Paperback Book

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A young "hustle bustle" child wants to overcome his fear of the Ringle Tingle Tiger, who haunts his dreams. So he takes off to the park in search of the Tiger.

Follow the stealthy stalking Tiger through a jungle filled with fantastic animals until the Tiger finally springs.

This story written in rhyming verse will leave you feeling brave and uplifted.

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RINGLE TINGLE TIGER is an alliterative adventure through an imaginary jungle world filled with creatures like the crinkle crunkle crocodile, the sparkle darkle jaguar and others.

In this journey chronicled in fast paced rhyme, a young child decides to track down and face his most feared foe, The Ringle Tingle Tiger.

Read this book to see and feel the magic that happens when you 'truly-rooly' face your fears.


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