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About the Author

Canberra writer, storyteller, performer and workshop presenter Mark Austin, has faced many of his own ‘tigers’ by parachuting, bungee jumping, fire-walking and the scariest of them all: working with children.
He has travelled to NSW, ACT, Victoria and New Zealand, regularly performing his story and presenting classes on creative writing, poetry, limericks and the publishing process.

His upcoming book is entitled “Dog Magnet”, about a young girl who perfects her hypnotic power over ‘pooches’, creating a ‘dog induced disaster area’ in her neighbourhood, which really does ‘go to the dogs’.
It is due to be released later in 2015.

About the Illustrator

David Miller is an award winning picture book artist and paper sculptor whose much loved books include Boo to a Goose, What’s for Lunch, Snap Went Chester, Refugees, Where There’s Smoke, Big and Me, Millie’s Special Something and First Flight.

To enquire about David Miller’s paper sculpture workshops, please contact Booked Out Speakers Agency at www.bookedout.com.au

About the Book

Ringle Tingle Tiger was first published by Lothian in 2002 thanks to the assistance of Gary Crew and a 2002 May Gibbs Foundation mentorship, granted by the late Albert Ullin, founder of Books Plus in Melbourne. It was edited at Lothian by the legendary Helen Chamberlin, now associated with Windy Hollow Books.

Since then Ringle Tingle Tiger has sold over 9,000 copies.  It has been on both the NSW Premier's Reading List and the ACT Chief Minister's Reading Challenge list since 2004. Unfortunately the book had been out of print since 2008.
But the Tiger has bounced back, better than ever. The book has had another reprinting and is available through JAMES BENNETT library suppliers for schools, libraries and Early Learning Centres.
This is its third edition, printed in 2015 by Jupiter in Gemini Publishing, Mark Johnson Austin’s own publishing company. So this year, after 7 years hiding in the ‘concrete’ jungle, “The Tiger is Back”. Back in print, on the web, and on stage.
Be afraid. And delighted. Ggggrrrrrowl!
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